Our Story

My name is Will Fisher and I want to personally thank you for checking out Bulletprufe. It all started five or six years ago when I couldn’t find any pants that could keep up with my active lifestyle and still looked good enough to wear day to day. I scoured the globe trying to source fabric that I thought might work and then got a local seamstress who specializes in making wedding dresses to make two pairs just for myself. To be honest they weren’t much to look at, but they were super comfortable and strong enough to last me more than a few weeks. Some friends asked if I could make some for them; so we made six pairs. Then more friends, so twenty pairs. Then fifty pairs…and it’s just grown.

We never set out to start a company; we were just trying to solve a problem. Over the years we’ve refined our jeans and, finding nothing off-the-rack tough enough, developed our own proprietary quad-blend fabric that we feel perfectly walks the line between durability and comfort.

We are not a big company and we don’t want to be. We make what we like and what we’re into, not what some Board of Directors or focus group tells us to. If you have an idea for an awesome color or fit or style, give us a call. You won’t get a call center 10,000 miles away, you’ll get me, Will. And I’d love to chat. Or better yet, hit the trails or grab a beer with you.

We’re a small team passionate about what we do and we hope that shows through. We understand that it’s adventures and memories that make a life worth living and we hope that by making pants that’ll last longer and take you farther, we can help enhance your experience.

Thank you again, from our family to yours, and we’ll see you out there!

- Will Fisher